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Alesis DM10 Module and Roland CY15R Ride Compatibility
« on: August 10, 2022, 03:25:53 PM »
Hey what's up guys,

Got a question for those of you using Roland 3-zone Rides or cymbals with your Alesis DM10 module. I recently purchased a used excellent condition Roland CY15R to replace my Alesis DMpad 14" Ride. The Alesis Ride was configured in single TRS cable Bell/Bow configuration plugged into the Ride input only. I do not require the use of the edge sensor for crash/choke.

When I got the Roland I assumed it would be plug and play like the Alesis. The problem is with only one TRS connection to Ride 1 with the Roland I am getting Bell AND Bow triggering with almost every hit. I played with the settings and maxed out cross talk on the bell, and tried every sensitivity setting for the bow surface, it functions all the way down to sensitivity of "1" only 0 turns it off. Even at very low sensitivity only VERY light strikes will set off the bow sound only, a medium/strong hit will always trigger the bell/bow combo.

Before I dig really deep into settings and cabling configurations, is this cymbal (CY15R) compatible in single wire configuration with the DM10, or do i HAVE to use dual wire and use the perc1 input to make it work?

Is it possible the sensor has some dirt or grit in it that is causing the bell switch to trigger while hitting the ride bow surface? The cymbal was used but purchased from a reputable seller on ebay and externally looks perfect. No play marks on the surface, rubber is well adhered to body of the cymbal etc. Still there could be something going on inside it, I just dont want to disassemble while I am still within the 30 day return window.

I figure worst case if I am forced to use the perc1 input I can always add my Alesis Trigger IO to the loop, just dont want to because my setup is perfect as is with every input being used. Seems silly to add an IO just for one additional cymbal.


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Re: Alesis DM10 Module and Roland CY15R Ride Compatibility
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Welcome to the Forum !

The CY-15R Triple-zone cymbal pad is listed under the DM10 Compatibility Guide Yes ...Gain= 30... Set bell to switch.

Re: Alesis DM10 Module and Roland CY15R Ride Compatibility
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Hey thanks Chaser!

I have the Ride Bell input set to switch, although piezo does sort of work and cancels the edge sound. Oddly enough in switch mode, the only way I can get the Alesis DM10 module to detect "Ride Bell" by note chase is to pinch the edge sensor with my fingers. Striking the bell never shows ride bell with note chase enabled.

I played around with the dual cable mode tonight and unplugged my china cymbal from PERC1 input and plugged in the ride's bow/edge with a second Roland TRS cable and then set the mode to 3-zone. This allowed me to crash the edge of the CY-15R with a stick, and also choke the crash sound by pinching, although sometimes the bell sound is triggered as well when choking the cymbal.

The issue with the bell and bow sounding at the same time is still present in dual cable / 3-zone configuration.

The rest of my settings look like this:

External Trigger settings:
Ride input:
Sens: 30
Function: Trigger

trigger tab for ride input:
xtalk rec: 07
xtalk snd: 07
retrigger: 01 (no problems with multiple strikes double triggering)
threshold: 21

curv tab:
Linear sound mode (tried using LOG2 and others, makes little difference)

MODE: 2-Zones (initially, but also tested 3-zone with both TRS plugged in)

Input Ride Bell:
Sens: 08 (will work all the way down to 01, only 00 disables it)
Function: Trigger
Input type: Switch

Ride bell trig tab:
xtalk rcv: 07
xtalk snd: 07
ZONE Xtalk: 07 (all these are Maxed trying to eliminate bell sounding when not struck but the setting doesnt make much difference)

Ride Bell curv tab:
MODE: 2-Zone (Currently testing 3-zone mode, same issue but now the edge can be crashed/choked)

Uploading some pictures of the kit to show off my setup and also for context :)

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Re: Alesis DM10 Module and Roland CY15R Ride Compatibility
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2022, 10:47:10 AM »
Nice A/E Kit...The DM10,ddrum RT triggers..Roland BT-1 were a popular combination so there should be many posts.
The 1st thing I noticed is the Xtalk settings...Rule#1 was never set at 7 (maximum).
see this topic and see if you can work it out..

The compatibility chart is from 2010...the 1st year for the original DM10 Kits.
The Original DM10 Kit..the DM10 Pro came with the Surge Cymbals (rebranded Smart Trigger).
The Ride cymbal used dual piezo's with a (ring) piezo for the bell.
The default settings for the module would have been piezo for the bell and you had to change trigger type to switch.
The DM10 Pro was discontinued, the DM10 Studio and DM10 X were released and came with the DM Pad cymbals and Mylar heads...later on mesh heads.
The DM Pad cymbals are more like all the current cymbals on the market with a switch for the Ride Bell.
If the Xtalk topic doesn't resolve the issues you are having I would check and see which versions of all the firmware..OS..Trigger etc to see if it has the final updates or at least be sure the trigger firmware isn't old as somewhere along the timeline the default trigger type for the bell went to switch and the settings were optimized for the DM Pad Ride/bell switch.
Also the CY-15R is/was a selectable dual-trigger system (edge/bow or bow/bell) and was originally designed for the TD10 + TDW-1 or V-control and probably all the later Roland modules with a CY-15R setting. There is a warning to use one output not both..check pg 7 and 9 of the CY-15R manual..

"Use either the BOW/BELL output or the BOW/EDGE output but NOT both.
When the 2 outputs are used simultaneously the 2 connected inputs are sounded at the same time."

The CY-15R also has a lot of complaints about how hard it is to trigger the bell..some have done the tape job..or other fixes .
Over the years I have found a large number of cymbals with bell switches I tested tend to not fire on the switch but actually the ribbon connector.
for example the STRIKE Ride fires at the bottom left 7:00 o'clock which is where the ribbon comes over a very sharp edge to the PCB board..eventually it cuts/through breaks.I am currently experimenting with placement of adhesive dots (foam , vinyl,sizes and thickness) instead of tape for the bell and edge.
I don't have any of theCY-15R cymbals to test or play around with..but it looks like using it as a triple zone on an Alesis module may not be possible.
I also haven't seen anyone experiment/try using any dummy plugs (you can use a 1/4" headphone adapter) like you would on the Alesis dual output cymbals as that's probably the purpose of the selector switches on the CY-15R cymbal.
You can see in the wiring diagram (attached) where the bottom edge switch (choke) is tied to the bell switch at the output..which is why when you choke it you get the bell..

The SURGE Ride cymbal (triple zone/dual cable) is not compatible with the STRIKE module even after changing trigger type

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