Author Topic: Strike Pro or Strike pro SE need help to chose (Update)  (Read 1358 times)

Strike Pro or Strike pro SE need help to chose (Update)
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Hi, he's me again with another question. Because I just bought over a week the command drum kit and because i didn't know if i would like to learn drum and i realize that i have the learning curve very fast and i want to move to a bigger drum set and now I'm looking at the Strike Pro kit or the Strike Pro SE kit. I'm not sure wich one to take because all the Strike pro 11 pieces kit(not the SE) that still available in most store in canada quebec are only the store demo like the one in my area but the kick drum mesh is already start to break(i know is not a big deal the mesh head is cheap) but I'm just afraid of the sensor. The price they ask in all there store across the country are 2349.99$ Canadian dollars and all the 4 kit they still have are the floor demo . But in my store they have the Strike Pro Special Edition 11 pieces kit brand new in there 2 box for 3399.00 $ Canadian dollars. what the difference between those 2 kit, I saw some difference like the mesh head on the SE are white, the kick drum is bigger and the new hit hat. what do you think, does it better to go with the Special edition (brand new in there box never open) or take a chance with the floor demo but is the strike pro. Can someone can give me some advise between those 2 kit, before i spend again a big amount of cash and i realize i take the wrong one. I know each person is different but i just want some help to chose and have a good drum for a long time and of course don't forget I'm still a novice in the drum world and last week i bought the alesis command kit to see if i like drumming and i love it and i realize that i love drum even more than to play with my electric guitar (yes I'm a guitar player that decide to move on the good side of the force.  LOL) and now i want to upgrade to big kit and sorry for my bad english because I'm a french Canadian ;) Wich one to choose that the question ?
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Re: Strike Pro or Strike pro SE need help to chose (Update)
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I just decide to buy the Strike pro Special edition today and it was in stock at my music store

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Re: Strike Pro or Strike pro SE need help to chose (Update)
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That was the right move,

They improved the SE kit from the original Strike, it is brand new , under warranty, you will be happier in the long run.

Make sure you register it on the Alesis web site for future support help in needed..