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« on: March 30, 2018, 01:03:07 AM »
Do any of my fellow Alesis players use drum gloves? I used to all the time with acoustic drums, and I'm now figuring out how to use them with e-drums. Poking at the module (MKII Pro) isn't a problem, but I rarely adjust those settings as I'm using Addictive Drummer 2, and using my laptop to control everything. I use a Macbook with a trackpad and that trackpad requires my bare fingers to operate it. Easy option is to cut off the fingers or use a mouse . But I was wondering if anyone has created a finger pad that offers this functionality? Some sort of wrap akin to a bandaid or ring that would allow for laptop operation with full-fingered gloves. I have several pair of winter gloves with this "technology" but they're heavy and not useful for playing the drums!

Just curious.
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I use lightweight compression gloves you know the Copper infused type, with silicon grips on the inside.  They are 3/4 length so your finger tips are exposed to operate screens etc.  Now my sticks dont slip out of my hands !

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I'm currently using Zildjian gloves, they the fingertip tech that lets me operate my iPhone.