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Hello from Canada and a few questions! :)
« on: January 06, 2021, 10:05:38 AM »
Decided to start playing drums to ease the boredom of lockdown, covid restrictions etc. I started by renting a Roland TD17KL from a local store and loved it. Once i realized I wanted to keep playing, I figured renting wasn´t the best option. So I did my research and bought a kit.

My Command Mesh kit arrived yesterday and after the fun of putting it all together, I turned it on, got my favourite backing track and started playing. Now please bare in mind that I am a beginner, but played that Roland kit for 4 months. My initial thoughts with the Command kit were, eugh, this sounds terrible. To my untrained ears, the sample kits sound really digital and unpleasant. Given that Alesis is a well known brand I was quite disappointed.

The more I think about it.the more I imagine the issue is me, and this is where I reach out to you folks! I have a feeling that the kit I rented was probably set up and tweaked by the last renter and as such i never heard the factory settings.

Typically, when getting a BNIB kit, what tweaks do you make to the module sounds and kit setup? Apologies if there is already a thread on this.

Thanks so much for any help and hope you´re all having a great week.

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Re: Hello from Canada and a few questions! :)
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Hi James,

I recently bought a Command kit and after playing my Yamaha DTX 562 for a couple of years, I too was a little disappointed in the sounds. I bought the kit for our band practice room so I don’t have to lug my kit there all the time. Anyway, after tweaking the acoustic kit and standard kit by altering pitch and eq settings my band says it sounds exactly like the DTX. In my in ears it sounds tinny but through the PA it sounds great. I am thinking of selling my DTX and buying a Crimson II SE. I think I like the mesh better than the pads on the DTX.

Try different headphones, that might help as well.