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DM10 kits
« on: March 02, 2020, 04:47:57 PM »
This has probably been discussed on here multiple times but I cant seem to find it.
I've been using the DM10 for a couple of months and generally like how it feels and sounds with some of the stock acoustic kits when I'm just tapping away. However they do still sound very electronic (not that theres anything wrong with that), which isn't great for playing along too with tracks.
I've tried playing with the kit settings but dont seem to be able to find the right configuration for each instrument.
Is there any guide for the settings or downloadable kits anywhere?

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Re: DM10 kits
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Hi, I'd felt the same with my DM10X.. began building kits where I'd layer two drum types per pad to get a richer sound but I still found them (most of them) sounding not real enough. Eventually bought into Addictive Drums 2 and now exclusively use it.. way more fulfilling experience.
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Re: DM10 kits
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I agree with Alan. The stock sounds are ok but nothing special. I use Superior Drummer 3 and very, very seldom revert back to the internal kits.  However, rhysT had some fantastic sounding kits that he made available to the group. They sounded superb. ( He also had some really nice sounding kits for the Yamaha Dtxm12). 
The only issue I had with these was, after installing his kits in the DM10, the midi mapping changed when I tried to use Superior Drummer.  Not a big deal since you can easily reprogram or remap the pads in Superior Drummer.
If you search around on here, I'm sure you can find the posts from rhysT describing his kits with the links to download them and instructions for installation.  They really are nice sounding kits that he has put together.


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Re: DM10 kits
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Re: DM10 kits
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Iím not at my kit right now but I think itís those. He usually updates his Dropbox account with the latest revisions to his kits.


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Re: DM10 kits
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Thanks. When I get some time I'll load them in and see what's there.

Re: DM10 kits
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Thanks guys, I will take a look at the post by RhysT. I also need to have a look at Superior Drummer 3 and addictive Drums 2. which is best and easier to use?

Re: DM10 kits
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I have Superior Drummer 2 and 3 and really like it.
I don't have Addictive drums but there are several members on here that do and perhaps they can chime in.
The amount of tweakability in SD3 is borderline ridiculous! Every possible aspect of the various points available are able to be adjusted several different ways.
I must admit that I haven't done a ton of tweaking in mine. I installed it along with all of the "Metal" expansion packs that I bought, found a kit that I liked, made a few minor adjustments and haven't touched it since.  That being said, if your into endless tweaking and adjustments to find that "perfect combination", SD3 is it.
I do believe Addictive drums are cheaper than Superior Drummer but I'm not sure about the level of changeable parameters or how their add on packs compare to SD3.


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Re: DM10 kits
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Thanks guys, I will take a look at the post by RhysT. I also need to have a look at Superior Drummer 3 and addictive Drums 2. which is best and easier to use?

Are you doing studio/DAW work and want all the options or just want better sounds sitting at your kit?
SD3 requires more computer resources.The libraries are much larger(all sorts of mics,5:1 etc) and require more CPU/RAM compared to Addictive drums.
For example the complete product line for SD2/3 is almost 1TB HDD space and the most recent Rooms of Hansa you can have up to 10GB RAM loaded for just 1 kit.
The complete line up for Addictive Drums 2 is 11GB space for all the ADpaks (less than 1 expansion for SD3)and averages around 2GB a kit.

I use to setup (still have 6) little "poormans" MIMIC's with 8" tablets and TriggerIO(Tablet powers it).
Addictive Drums is embedded and startup was fast,GUI wasn't bad but the menu buttons were a little tricky being small.
It worked well if you did all the "detailed" tweaking for a custom preset on a larger screen computer then just transferred it. 

if you are interested the XLN Audio Spring sale just getting ready to can get the software and a couple expansions for around $100.00 USD..
or ADpaks are around $50.00click "Quick Preview"on an ADpak for preset previews etc