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New member/old drummer introduction...
« on: April 24, 2024, 05:35:16 AM »
Hello everyone,

My name is Max, a Sicilian old "not professional but just for fun with friends" drummer living in France since, sorry in advance for my bad english  ;D

I started playing drums in 1993 with my high school friends on a cheap acoustic kit (the "fabulous years of high school"  ;D ) then, over the years, on on less cheap and more ?serious? kits.
I love classic rock (all that came from 60's/70s/80's), with a deep passion for Vietnam War Era songs.

Now, for limited space & noise reduction reasons, I turned to e-drums and I bought a second-hand (rather new, actually) Alesis Crimson II SE Mesh Kit two months ago.

I joined this forum to find some tips for best configuring and improving my kit (adjustments/features of pads/cymbals, module, voices, hardware, etc.) to adapt the module to my own playing style.

I'll first start reading all topics concerning my kit and, if necessary, I will ask a question directly on the forum.

So, thank you all in advance for your welcome, your help but above all your patience (in case of "silly questions").

See you soon.

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