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Another Newby...
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Hey Everyone!

I am a 63 year old multi-instrumentalist that plays everything but drums, lol.

That being said, I am so happy to be a part of this group.

I a tech-aholic. I produce  my own original projects and I get what is needed to complete the mission. I don't rely on anyone else because they hold everything up.

My drummer friend's technical knowledge ends with email and Facebook.

This drummer owns a huge concert kit and we have no place to use it.

An ekit was the solution. This guy can't afford a loaf of bread, but we gel more than I ever expected. Electronic drums are a hard sell to the dinosaurs in my area. I want can-do, not can't-do. I decided I would build a monster kit that no one could complain about.

I first bought a Command Mesh kit. Although I was impressed with the quality of the samples, I needed more from the hardware. I needed separate outs for all pieces for recording purposes. No software in between.

In my opinion, the Strike module fits the bill more than any other. Even when compared to the discontinued Roland TD-50 which provides all it's abundance of outs via USB; so does every other module at any price-point. I needed separate outs that go straight to an input channel of an audio interface. Stand alone.

So, I found a deal on a refurbished Strike module with full warranty for $450. Works like a champ. I later found the second module on Ebay for $150. It had a not badly broken display that didn't make it to the actual display. It also had squealing from the snare channel.  I intended to repair it, however I figured worst case scenario I did not need the snare if it was a 2nd module.
I reset the module and reinstalled the firmware. No more squealing snare. It works with no problems. It just has the broken outer shell.

Before that, and all the way along, I have been picking up whatever I find good deals on. I have all of the cymbals from the Strike, DM10, and the Command Mesh. I also got ahold of two 3rd party China's. I have the Command Mesh pads; 4) 8" toms and the one 10" snare - no sensitivty knobs.

I have four more 8" toms WITH sensitivity knobs, two more 10's without the sensitivity knobs, 6) - 10's with sensitivity knobs, and 2) 12" snares. On top of the Command Mesh rack, I bought two Strike racks, other miscellaneous rack tubes, and four Gibralter 46" curved tubes. Because of my having to be as quiet as possible, I needed the quietest pedals I could find, which turned out to be 2) Roland KT-10 kicks and a Roland FD-9 hi hat pedal. Quieter compared to the average, but no getting around the impact that is felt throughout the house. Oh well, nice pedals.

I don't know where to stop, lol. I am into modding everything.
More frame pieces for sure. I have dozens of the heavy duty T-Clamps - The only way to go. A boat load of L-Rods, not as many trigger mounts of the same vein, but I'm getting there. Those break-open Trigger clamps have always been at a premium. I don't want any of the mainstream one piece clamps that you have to take apart the rack to add one. Of course, right?

I am the guy who has to put it all together and dial it in. I am looking forward to it. I understand it all. The fun my dinosaur friends miss out on...

Anyway, as a retired computer engineer, I am a solution provider.

I dream up what I need and then find a way to get there. Install, configure, maintain, upgrade - Repeat (GAS). lol.

The bottom line? I felt I should let everyone know what I'm doing because I intend on contributing while learning from all of you. No leaching.

Thanks everyone!

Offline Hellfire

Re: Another Newby...
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Welcome to the forum Steve! Sound like you know what you are doing.