Author Topic: Strike Pro Hi Hat and Velocity questions with Addictive Drums 2  (Read 45 times)

I use a Strike Pro Module with my A2E set which works perfectly.  However, its a different experience with MIDI triggering.  I am set up to my PC (Studio 1 running AD2) through a standard Multi Pin MIDI cable running though my DI (Presonus Quantum).  I experience 2 issues despite generally accurate mapping between the Strike Pro and AD2:

1)  Hi Hat Voids snare signal when my foot is closed at the same time I hit the Snare--such as a standard 2/4 beat. It doesn't happen all the time, but annoying when it does.  I have the cross talk send/receive turned up on both.

2) Velocity setting for most "standard" hits show up as 100% on the Midi velocity diagram in the DAW.  I am getting a broader range if I record from the Strike Pro directly.  Under "utility" menu, I have turned the trigger sensitivity to "low" plus, lowered them on the individual instrument settings as much as I dare.  I DO get a dynamic range with softer hits, but not as much as I'd expect, or experience in a direct recording.  I am a hard hitter, but not THAT hard!

I see this more as a Strike MIDI issue than an AD2 issue since the velocity setting would happen regardless of DRUM VST.

Any ideas?