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The VAD706 takes the electronic drumming experience where it’s never gone before, combining Roland’s flagship V-Drums technologies with the hand-crafted detail of premium-grade acoustic drums.
This top-of-the-line V-Drums Acoustic Design kit features digital snare, ride,and hi-hat pads that bring ultra-detailed playability to the three most nuanced pieces in the kit.
The next-generation TD-50X module provides unmatched tone, feel, and response, coupled with deep editing tools to fully personalize your sound and pro connectivity to take on any playing situation. Full-size wood shells are included throughout, with advanced sensing systems that deliver real-deal acoustic feel.
And with four eye-popping finishes available, you can choose the look that perfectly matches your personal style and taste.

Digital Snare, Ride, and Hi-Hat
Our groundbreaking digital pad technology is a major leap forward in electronic drumming, putting unmatched depth and dimension under your sticks. Precision multi-sensors in the snare, ride, and hi-hat pads work in complete harmony with the TD-50X module, capturing every nuance with incredible definition and detail.
Lightning-fast detection enables you to play all your natural acoustic techniques, such as muting the ride with a finger touch or switching seamlessly between head, rimshot, and cross stick playing on the snare.
And the VH-14D takes electronic hi-hat playing to new heights, offering touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution never before available—until now.

The Natural Feel of Acoustic Drums
The VAD706 features Roland’s famous multi-ply mesh heads, with three-layer heads on the snare and floor tom and two-layer heads on the rack toms providing natural stick resistance and rebound that’s customizable for your individual playing style. Burying the beater into the specially designed kick drum is completely satisfying, thanks to physical air resistance that feels just like playing an acoustic kick. The organic experience extends to the toms as well, with the real wood shells and traditional mounts providing a feel that’s uncannily acoustic in nature.

Instant Gratification
Imagine acoustic drums that are set up, mic’d, processed, and mixed in a world-class studio—that’s what you get when you call up a preset on the TD-50X module. Developed with top drummers and recording engineers, these inspiring kits let you take on any style at the touch of a button, from traditional jazz to full-throttle metal.

Build Your Signature Drum Kit
Going beyond the presets, the TD-50X allows you to customize your sound at every level—just as you would with an acoustic kit. Make quick adjustments to tuning and muffling, or dive deep and build a kit from the ground up by selecting shell depths, drumhead types, cymbal characteristics, and much more. Then put the kit in the space of your choice using PureAcoustic Ambience, with full control of room type, reverberation, and other parameters at your fingertips.

Powerful Connectivity for Stage and Studio

With a rear panel loaded with connectivity, the TD-50X module is ready to take on the practical needs of any playing situation. Stereo XLR master outs and eight TRS direct outs allow you to send any drums you like to an audio console via balanced connections. For computer-based music production, you have the ability to send up to 32 channels of digital audio over USB for premium-quality transfer. MIDI I/O is also supported over USB and traditional five-pin connectors.


The groundbreaking VH-14D launches the electronic hi-hat into a new universe of playability, offering touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution that’s never been available until now.
The two-piece design and thin 14-inch pads provide a familiar look and natural feel, while the high-resolution, multi-sensor system tracks velocity, stick position, and foot work with maximum precision.Foot splashes are reproduced authentically, and you can even mute the cymbals with a hand touch—just like acoustic hi-hats.

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- New drums
- New Digital Hi-Hat
- New/Updated TD-50X module

Nice...,but what's the price for the full set-up?
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- New drums
- New Digital Hi-Hat
- New/Updated TD-50X module

Nice...,but what's the price for the full set-up?

e-Drumcenter just posted...$7,999.99..kit ....$899.99 for the Hi Hat

Exciting news for existing Roland V-Drums TD-50 owners!

The sounds, kits and functionality of the TD-50X module will soon be available for existing TD-50 kit or module owners when you purchase the TD-50X upgrade via Roland Cloud. Over 900 sounds have been added to the TD-50X with significantly more snare, tom, kick, hi-hat, ride, crash, effects, and percussion sounds to add to your collection.

Upgrade Your TD-50 Module with the Expressive Power of the TD-50X
The TD-50X Upgrade brings the complete expressive power of Roland’s most advanced drum module to the original TD-50. Filled with new instrument sounds, preset kits, and feature enhancements—including fully optimized performance with the VH-14D digital hi-hat—this upgrade is a must-have for all TD-50 module owners.

Availability of the download via Roland Cloud will soon be made available at
Visit for the latest information on the TD-50X Upgrade.

Experience the sounds of TD-50X here:

Current TD27 owners can update for the VH-14D..

[ Ver.1.11 ] APR 2021
Additional Functions

Support for V-Hi-HAT VH-14D was added.
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I still can't comprehend their prices. They can say what they want, aside from the digital pads, it's not cutting edge.
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