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Dm10 pad refurbishment
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:12:31 AM »
Iím refurbish the very used dm10 pads I have. Iíve ordered piezzos and fairly confident in that. My main question is about the Ďfoam sanndwichí make up. My pads have been converted to 682 mesh heads previously. Looking at Hellfires video and other posts Iím
Wondering should I add extra foam? Canít seem to post picture for some reason but currently have white foam approx 20mm, rubber 3 or 4 mm thick, piezzo plate, black paper then central orange cone?

Re: Dm10 pad refurbishment
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Okay reading through I can see this is a frequent and well discussed subject I just canít see the answer to above. Dm10, unknown age and plastic shells. Keep as is, replace piezzos and cones and refit heads? Is this a good quality option. Kinda just want to do it once if possible.

Re: Dm10 pad refurbishment
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2021, 02:33:49 AM »
So current situation is several triggers do not work. Piezzos now arrives and and replaced in one pad. Refitted together as it was with 682 mesh head and (battered) orange cone as still waiting for replacements to arrive. Now triggering perfectly but I notice need to be very accurate that hits are central. I assume partly due to condition of cone and also I have but yet altered any sensitivity settings. Does make me wonder though how much difference the tightening of the head affects the triggering?

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Re: Dm10 pad refurbishment
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Type "682" in the Search box upper left...there are numerous Topics/Posts..comparisons , installing , settings,troubleshooting etc.
It was a popular conversion after the Hellfire Conversion...

Re: Dm10 pad refurbishment
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Thanks man. Realise Iím prob rehashing stuff here! Still wondering about foam makeup though but Iíll have another look!