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Alesis DM10 - Stock bass pad "ghost" notes?
« on: March 30, 2021, 05:36:22 PM »
New here. I have done searches on the net, as well as here before I decided to make my first post.
Recently I picked up an Alesis DM10 MKII Pro, and have a question as I played only acoustic kits in my teens. (I'm 52)

On the stock bass pad, I often get multiple hits from my bass pedal. Like the beater "bounces" off the pad and hits again quickly and quietly, but loud enough to hear.
I've done some searches online, and I think one might have brought me here, before I signed up.

The discussion I came across talked about the "bounce" happening because of the way the electric pad is designed as opposed to an acoustic. Primarily,
the lack of air movement between the batter head and the resonant head.

The solution in that conversation, was to make a hole in the resonant head of the acoustic head. But, that seemed to not address the issue of the electronic bass pad.
Another solution was to change the way you hit the bass drum. That is, if you were the type of drummer that "buries" the pedal for a bass drum hit, then
the "ghost" hit might happen without the hole in the resonant head.

I am a bit older, and just getting back to playing again in my older years, and got the electronic kit as being a little older, I try NOT to piss of my
That said, I am not really interested in trying to change my style of playing, if it could even be called that, so the first solution is what I am here to ask

If I was to get an acoustic 22" bass drum, and convert it with the Roland KD-A22 Bass Drum Converter, do you all think that would help eliminate the "ghost" note from the stock electronic pad? With or even WITHOUT a hole in the resonant head?
I do understand that the conversion would be a bit louder, but while I am trying to stay quiet, that shouldn't be loud enough to be a problem.

As I said, I am just getting back into playing, so please feel free to correct me in any incorrect terms, or assumptions I may have made. Please don't assume I have any idea what I'm talking about either, and please feel free to point out previous posts I may have missed during my searching.

I appreciate any an all help and education in this.

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Re: Alesis DM10 - Stock bass pad "ghost" notes?
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2021, 07:22:37 PM »
Well, but never got answer on this here, but everywhere I researched seemed to indicate converting an acoustic bass drum would fix my problem.
I picked up one locally for cheap, and used a Roland KD-A22 22” conversion kit to convert it to electronic.
I didn’t have to change any settings, and it worked great as soon as I plugged it in. “Ghost” hits were gone with both beaters. (They were slightly worse with my left foot.) It worked so well in fact, I was able to INCREASE the sensitivity of the bass for quicker single hits.

Anyway, hope this helps someone if they run into the same problem. It worked for me. 🙂
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