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Not into the software on a P.C. route. Would like to know what differences between the two controllers I will encounter?
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- Individual inputs instead of a cable snake.
- You'll have 11 inputs (13 technically but 2 for hi-hat and 2 for ride). Actually you'll want to do some research on that. The ride requires 2 inputs for bow/edge and bell. I don't know if the module
   can be adjusted to work with a single-input ride cymbal. Chaser can probably shed some light on that.
- Individual faders to control pad volume (awesome feature).
- 8 individual pad outputs.
- Auxillary volume control.
- The samples are plentiful and really quite good.
- You can layer samples.
- Create loops
- Awesome color interface

It's really a different animal. Check out some YouTube reviews and see it in action.
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