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Alesis nitro mesh splitting help
« on: March 15, 2021, 08:14:27 AM »
Hi new to the forum!

I will try make this as simple as possible.

I have the alesis nitro mesh and already own a few stereo to dual mono splitters.  I have male to 2 male, and male to 2 female with tip and ring labels.   I was wondering if i bought the expansion pack extra cymbal and tom, could i plug the male TRS end of splitter into tom4, and then the 2 male mono ends into tom and cymbal would that work?  Therefore I wouldn't need to use the cables in the box.  Or would i need to use the male to 2 female one?  And plug the cables which come with the pack into each female port directly from the pad itself.

2.  Can crash2 input be split? To add 2 single zone cymbals for example

3. I have also read that as my snare is dual zone, i can plug the male trs into the snare itself, plug the snare cable into mono labelled ring,  and then add another cymbal again into. Tip?  Can also be done with toms apparently.

Any help greatly appreciated


Re: Alesis nitro mesh splitting help
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All TOM locations are dual-zone. 

All CYMBAL locations are single-zone.

You can split all Tom locations and trigger any piezo switch with each...

If you buy the expansion,  keep in mind that the stock kits have sounds assigned to their perspective locations. 

You will find a TOM sound at TOM 4... and a crash sound at CRASH 2.   That doesn't mean you can't plug a single stereo line in to TOM4,  then split it and run TOM 4 with one mono end and Crash 2 with the other... HOWEVER,  you will have to assign CRASH 2 it's sample each time (or save a custom kit)... because stock,  most kits have a "rim shot" sound assigned as the 2nd sample... so when you hit the Tom it would sound like a floor tom,  but when you hit the cymbal it would "click" until you assign it a different sample.

One caveat of plugging a cymbal in to a non-cymbal location however is that you lose the ability to "choke" your cymbal (if you have a chokable cymbal).  It's my understanding that the TOM locations do not include this ability.

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