Author Topic: Hey! New Edrum player here. Intro and request for help/advice :)  (Read 156 times)

Hey! New Edrum player here. Intro and request for help/advice :)
« on: February 15, 2021, 02:49:16 PM »
Hi Alesis drummer community!

My name is Abe and Im genuinely happy to join you guys and excited for the journey ahead! I hope to get introduced and talk with you all in the coming days/weeks/months/years!  I just bought myself a DM10 Studio kit - second hand - and have no experience with EDrums other than playing around in the drum store once or twice over the years. 

The kit I bought is second hand and has not come without problems but I will post separately about that.  Please go and check out my other post if u you think you can help in any way.

So...a little about me...

Im 36 and originally from Scotland although I now live in England and working in Construction.  I have played drums since I was 16 years old and have owned acoustic kits in the past (Rogers, premier and more recently Gretsch).  Pretty much snubbed EDrums - apart from the top end Roland stuff - my entire drumming career and never really considered them for my own use at all. 

With that said, I spent the past 3years without playing drums because circumstances did not allow me to setup and play drums where I lived.  However, I recently decided to buy a set of EDrums second hand so I could get back into drumming.  I work away from home all week and have space in my residence so finally made the decision and found the DM10.  :). Having now researched a bit about the DM10 I can see I made a good choice!

Its taken a week for me to get round to setting things up but finally managed it and now having some teething problems (Calibration failed on startup 🙄 drums triggering without being hit 🙄 and different volumes between drum heads - other post to follow on relevant forum).  Hopefully you guys can guide me the best way to get through this and set things up how I like.  Im totally new to EDrums and am pretty much overwhelmed by it all but im sure if I can get started Im gonna love them as much as you guys do

Thats enough about me.  Here are the specs of the kit I just bought.  Heroes to edrum chat and good times.  Peace!

10 snare
8 toms (2 no.)
10 toms (2 no.)
8 BD
10 Crash (2 no.)
14 Ride
10 HH

The heads have been replaced with Mesh heads and I think the previous owner also added a tom and replaced/upgraded a cymbal and/or a ride

Re: Hey! New Edrum player here. Intro and request for help/advice :)
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Hey Abe,
DM10 is a great kit, I guess you have already fixed the not calibrating message?
if not, it might well be a cable connected to the module but not plugged into a pad or cymbal, I would look for that first then unplug all and start from there, good luck