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Newbie Hi!
« on: February 06, 2021, 01:41:26 PM »
Hi All,

As a guitar player for many years, I've always hankered after getting a set of drums and giving percussion a bash ... so to speak.  Bit the bullet just before Christmas and bought a second hand Alesis DM8 Pro.  All together I'm pretty pleased with the set.  From my limited experience they seem to play well, and I'm enjoying picking up new skills.

One area I'm not so keen on are the Tom sounds on Toms 1-3.  They seem unnatural and very boomy, and I've tested all the built in kits and can't seem to find a sound that I feel comfortable with.  I know I can tweak the sounds, but as a complete e-drum novice it's a bit daunting.  Any hints or tips from the more experienced hands.  I've looked into DAW and VST and it seems like an even bigger can of worms than tweaking the controller.  I'd also prefer not to have to boot up a laptop every time I want to play.