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Absolute Newbie
« on: January 17, 2021, 06:25:34 AM »
Hi All,

as the title says - an absolute beginner to the world of drumming, although I have played guitar and more recently bass in bands for 35 years.

I have Crimson 2 kit getting delivered in a couple of days and luckily the drummer in my band is also a qualified tutor and so lessons begin a couple of days after that - remotely in a C-19 secure way of course!  No doubt I'll be asking all the usual newbie questions - I'll try to use the search functionality first!

I also have a small home studio and I'm really looking forward to getting this hooked into Steve Slate Drums 5 in the not too distant future...luckily working in IT means that DAW/VST software holds no fear!

Wish me luck on the journey!


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Re: Absolute Newbie
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Welcome to our, (and now your), community and best of luck to you on your new journey.
I found myself constantly adding new gear, VST's  etc. so be careful, that rabbit hole is deep and wide and can get expensive once you fall into I did.
I played acoustic drums back in the 80's and now play e drums exclusively.
I am now also dabbling in making my own music to play along to.
I have an MPC Live and Novation Circuit as well as a Roland JDXI synth. that I compose/create on and then route them through my 24 channel mixer to play along to if I get tired of playing along to other peoples music.
I can lay down drum tracks on each unit while composing then mute those drum tracks on each unit to play along with on my own kit that I assembled out of DM6 dual zone pads and several dual and tripple zone cymbals and a DM10 module which I recently replaced with a Strike module. I've also incorporated several multi pads into my current setup all on their own mixer channels. A Yamaha DTXM12, a Strike Multipad and an older Alesis sample pad.
I've also got a ton of outboard effects on the individual channel inserts and a digital mastering eq unit on the main inserts of the mixer as well as Superior Drummer 3 if I want to change up the overall kits.
I use 2 laptops routed through the mixer. One for Superior Drummer  and one for my music library or youtube for playing along to drumless tracks.
Don't even get me started on bass pedals. I've got so many I could open my own shop. Right now I have 5 in my current setup. Two Pearl Demon drives for the Strike module/Superior drummer, a Trick Big foot on the Yamaha multipad, a Drumnetics on the Strike multipad and another Trick Bigfoot on the Alesis multipad.

Again, Welcome and best of luck.

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Re: Absolute Newbie
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Thanks @Powerhouse

as the owner of far too many plugins and bundles than I know what to do with I'm already aware of the dangers of VSTs and how simply having too many options is such a real thing.  Which channel strip/EQ/combination is best for x/y/z?  Let's be honest, they all sound amazing these days but I'll usually go for a Brainworx VXS Neve channel strip and work it from there, maybe a 1073 if I want a lot more warmth - those EQ and preamp models are stunning but a little limiting re the bands, especially for recorded drum tracks.

Talking of drums, I really can wait to get this hooked into SSD5 - I currently use that for my own drum tracks in conjunction with loops from various companies, but it's going to be something else to eventually be able to put my own drum parts down...can't wait to reach that stage!

Many thanks for the good wishes - first impressions of the Crimson II are fantastic  :D