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New to the Alesis World
« on: December 23, 2020, 03:52:16 PM »
Hi, everyone. I am the proud new owner of an Alesis Strike Pro SE kit, that arrived a few days ago for an early Christmas present. Mostly for me - but it has ancillary benefits to the other humans that I cohabitate with (my wife and two children). We moved into this new house a few years ago, and I took over the "bonus" room outside the kids bedrooms as my music studio. My acoustic kit is large and filled up a third of the room. It being a "bonus" room means that there are no doors to the rest of the house, either. This was find during pre-COVID times, when people would ACTUALLY LEAVE THE HOUSE. But for the past 9 months, I have not been practicing as much. I really should have bought an e-kit a lot sooner.

Anyway, I've been drumming for about 15 years. I've spend a good amount of time an effort trying to record my acoustic kit - with varying amounts of success. My guitarist has a TD-7 mesh kit that he let me borrow a few times. That was the first mesh kit that I played on. I still didn't like the look of it. I think I made a joke, comparing it to a moped. "Fun to pay, until your friends find out". Well, since then Alesis came out with this kit that has wooden shells. I'm still not sure if I will ever play it out on a gig, but at least now I have an option.