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About single pedal double kick
« on: November 05, 2020, 10:05:50 AM »
Hello guys, Before I comment, I'm not good at English fluently..

The purpose of my question for you is, I wanna make an improvement of my double kick tech. on a single pedal.
So I wanna check my technique and details of one by asking highly advanced drummers like you guys.
Ah, note that I keep a beater closed to the drum head.

The way I usually play the double kick is,

1) [Preparing] raise my knee, then my foot will go up following the knee articulation and the beater will not be attached to a bass drum head.
2) [First stroke] In that state, just kinda lower my ankle with ankle stroke (snap). Then my knee articulation keeps that position.
3) [Second stroke] After first stroke, just hit the bass drums like the single heel up stroke. (+ during the process between 2)~3), I can feel the rebound-ness of a pedal.)

And when I process the ankle bending motion on step 2 (which is lowering the ankle on the top position) directly, my leg and knee automatically raise.
So my question is
1. is it right to process that bending motion directly?
2. then, why my leg is automatically raised?
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