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Waiting on new kit. It's been a few years since last posting here. Quite a lot has happened, but glad to be back. More to come!

Okay, just opened up what I just got recently to clean up. It's apparently an older DM10 studio mesh kit. I was a bit disappointed to see that the shells are plastic! the shells on the the DM5 that I converted to mesh were wood. While I was aware the whole mesh internals are different than what I did to convert my previous DM5, this was a bit surprising. While I'm glad to have a kit again, I may have to rethink on how I'm going to proceed with this. I just may sell it and  use the funds towards a Strike kit, which is what I really wanted in the 1st place. Any suggestions are welcome.

If I can remember what I did to make my earlier recording, I'll make another one on the current kit. Anyone in need of a DM10 Studio should hit me up and we can discuss things.

A pic. This will either need some work, or be sold.

My old converted DM5 kit from years ago. I miss it!


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