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Yes, I did it!

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Finally, I convinced myself I really needed the Strike Pro SE ;-)
Since January 31st it is up and runnning and I'm loving it so much!
Need some tinkering with the hi-hat, that doesn't seem to react as I want it to.

Happy drummer here!

Beauty! And what do ya know, I've got the same pedals... Pearl Eliminator double kicks and a two legged Tama hi-hat like yours!

Don't know anything about the Strike, however.. still on a DM10 module.. but hey, congrats and enjoy!

Awesome! Whoa January 31st? Are you from the future?!

It's funny what we're capable of convincing ourselves we need lol.
Three years ago, at the age of 30, I decided to take up drums. ZERO prior experience unless you count the steering wheel.

I convinced myself to go from a Turbo to Nitro to Crimson, triple the price, for my first kit. The Strike hadn't been released yet, I think it came a few months later. Now I have an A2E and desperately want to add an acoustic kit. I was pretty confident the passion was going to stick.

I'm a drummer for life! Happy drumming.

Okay, I got such a good deal on the expansion set.......

I bought two! ;-)

So after two evenings of taking apart and building up, I have a new configuration.
I am SOOOOO happy right now! This is so close to my dream-setup, I wish I could tell my 15 year old self who was drawing all kinds of drumkits instead of doing his homework, that it will be possible to own a really great and awesome kit!

Next: using the extra free time this friday to configure the kits in the module....which split was what ;-)

So hoping that Alesis will add the midifeature which wille allow to use my old TD-6 as a midi-slave.
For now, I couldn't be more happy!!!!

Congrats! What an amazingly huge kit you've got going now! Love it :)

Yes, having the splitters and extra parts always takes a lot of effort to edit the triggers and then add instruments in all the kit entries in the module. I used to have 3 splitters on my DM10X setup and it was a LOT of work.. and then you change one thing around and have to go back into the module and update everything. I actually recently removed my extra crash and cowbell (a friend gave me his old piece, I think it's called the Cow Paddy or something, looks like a cowbell and really reactive compared to assigning cowbell to the rim somewhere in the kit)

Must be nice on a fine day to play in that enclave staring out the window! (unless the view sucks of course).


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