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[Alesis Turbo Mesh - Drum Cover] 70 days learning to play drums!


Hey guys!!

When the COVID19 pandemic started, I took the opportunity to realize a dream I had since I was a child, which was learning to play the drums. On June 06, I bought an Alesis Turbo Mesh and started practicing.

Before that I had NEVER sat in front of a drum kit. Today I completed 70 days of studies, and decided to start recording videos playing drum covers, so I could follow my evolution over time. I connected the kit into the computer using Addictive Drums 2 and Cubase for recording.

So, whoever wants to see a newbie playing, I'll leave the links below!

Raimundos - I Saw You Saying - This is a Brazilian band from the 90s, with humorous lyrics.

The Clash - Should I Stay or Shold I Go

A big hug!

Nicely done! Keep it up.

I've been playing only a few years now but have also found much more time to drum during this pandemic.
It's been great to turn lunch breaks into drum breaks.

Thanks!! Yeah, I'm also playing during lunch breaks!

Besides that, my weekends now are training periods.


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