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cordless kbd/trackpad mount


Hi folks, just thought I'd share my latest mod/addition to my DM10X.. although this is kind of for use with my Additive Drums and Ableton Live recording software and not as much for the kit but it's all connected, so figured I'd do a show and tell.

Was finding it painful and awkward to spin / twist to my left to use my keyboard and/or mouse so I found a small mini touchpad keyboard type of device, about 25 bucks.. I mostly need a decent sized touchpad that I can reach while I've got sticks in my hands. I had a spare module mount I'd bought years ago and never used, plus I had two cowbell/toneblock type of clamps spare, so I put the silver one to one of my rack posts and mated it with a black clamp and then the module mount went on that and I was able to lever it into a fairly decent spot that's not in the way but within reach (I'll see what happens the first time I smash it by mistake with a drumstick lol). For the time being I'm sitting the device on a sticky mat that's flopped over the mount.. I will either screw on a proper surface with borders to keep it from falling off, or cut the sticky pad to match the size of the module mount.. seems to give it enough traction to keep it from slipping off when I'm using it.

So now I can use the track pad with two fingers and slide up or down volumes and switch kits. Eventually I will mount a tv on the wall in between my Alesis and my acoustic sets so I can record and see the screen from either drum set.. then I'll set up a mount for this wireless key/track thing for that side of the room.

Couple of pics attached.

Wow, I really like that idea.  I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that I use with the PC connected to my kit.  Eventually I will record and all that kind of stuff with it, but for now, I've not been using the PC for much. 

I normally lay the keyboard across the rim of my snare.  The mouse tracks OK on the mesh floor tom, and when it's being weird, I've got a round practice pad that I lay on the tom for the mouse.  It's a less than ideal situation to be sure.  I may have to look into some kind of similar mount solution that I can remove when I take the kit out to a show.

Very nice!


yes, Shawn, if you start using your PC more often it really starts to hurt wrenching your spine and neck to the left (or right) to look at a screen or twist to use a mouse or keyboard.. even when I'm sitting at my kit, not playing, and need to use my computer it hurts although I swivel in my throne to face all my gear but it's on a low table so ergonomics were killing me.

This mini keyboard/trackpad isn't the best quality and isn't absolutely a breeze, it's IR so I've had to use a usb extension and drape the dongle end over to my frame so the it gets a decent signal when the device is sitting on its mount.. but it sure does help for some quick manoevres like changing kits and volumes in Addictive Drums when I'm playing. I had a much more responsive Rapoo keyboard/pad before and I also would sit it across the snare drum rim to use, then put it back on my side table but even that was a twist each time. But anything that helps.. I always have a sore neck so this is saving me a lot of pain.


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