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Wanted to start a thread where I could link my own covers. I'll just keep sharing links in here instead of separate topics.
Still trying to learn mixing and using my software to its full potential.
Here is a link to my page to start:

First 2 covers:

Guernica by Brand New:

Eloise by Say Anything:

Hi Tom, holy sh$t you have such an incredible setup! I love the shell wraps and that it's an acoustic conversion.. so jealous! So that's EZ Drummer right? the sound is awesome! Great covers man! Post more! I think I've seen some before from you, don't remember if it was these or others, but I'll subscribe and check out anything you have on your channel this weekend.

By the way, your first link came up with an error but the two video links were fine. I think we should all subscribe to eachother and have notifications on and then we'll be aware of any new uploads (until we drive eachother nuts, lol, maybe we'll get tired of being reminded there's a new video available). Or maybe it would be just me driving people nuts cuz I've been uploading a ton to mine.

I put up way too much at first, old stuff as I was re-learning how to play, some really drunk late night halloween jams at our friend's, some of me practicing.. some pretty bad videos and I still have a lot of bad ones up there but I keep many for my son or brother or the guys I bang around with to access since it was getting tedious uploading to my cloud accounts and sending everyone links to is just so much easier to keep it all in one place.

Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!

Thanks Alan, I fixed the first link, should be good now.

I just completed this conversion about a month ago. 2 more things I want to do is upgrade to a Strike module and upgrade the cymbals. Then I'll be set. I'm not sure if I will pair some Strike cymbals or go for Jobeky. Love the look of those but I don't see many IN DEPTH reviews. 65drums of course has one but I'd like to see some extended use reviews.

Both of these videos are using the Pop Punk EZX from EZdrummer. It's my favorite EZX for sure as this happens to be my favorite genre.

Subscribing to your channel!

If you are concerned about looks, I say go for Jobeki, if looks don't matter that much, I say maybe consider Pintech, for an example of a great setup using some Pintech cymbals see Siren-Drums (life goals) , he uses some Pintech (you can tell by the tape on top of the logo) very cheap but they work and they work well. I personally have 4 Pintech that I have been using for about 12 years.... yes 12! and they are still working fine, I tried them with the Alesis DM5, With the Alesis I/O and with the Roland TD-11 and never had issues, and if I ever do in the future, the electronics are in a little black box under the cymbal, remove 2 screws and instant access.
 Jobeki cymbals look a lot better, and they are a lot more expensive, Can't really attest as to how if you are not using the module's sounds, are you just wishing to upgrade due to the ability to load multi-layered samples?
and of course getting rid of the cable snake... in which case yes I agree you should totally upgrade, that way you can remove the computer out of the equation. I have not seen a Strike module for sale on its own, and you don't need to buy the whole kit just to get the module.... maybe consider the 2box drummit 3 ... i have seem the Strike for sale on Ebay, but I am not too sure I can trust it...

Might want to see what Laurin Drums has, they've got a line of cymbals with interesting art on them too.. I've got two of their shells and love them, never tried their cymbals but do check anyways.. scroll down a bit for the Cymbal seciton:


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