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Hi folks, hope you're not gonna get sick of me posting these, but I'm having fun getting into cover recording! I did two more songs last weekend.. changed the placement of my cellcam and tried to adjust the volumes of the cover and my kit a bit better. Still have some timing issues, esp at the beginning.. I think I need to add a click track. Sorry in advance that I tend to look a bit awkward when I'm playing, will be working on that.. and hopefully improve on my beats and fills. I have some issues with my kick pedal and my foot too.. ah, I just need a lot more practice and work at all this but if I waited to share anything until I was up to par it could be in my 70s so what the heck eh? Finally, I did two takes of each of these, and I should have done a few more to get a better result but it takes so long, so here I am mistakes an all.. on one of the songs my first take I didn't press the start filming button hard enough and ended up with no video! So it's the only one I could use.. on the other song I just went with the one with less screwups, lol

Send It Up (Vertical Horizon)

Lie To Me (Jonny Lang)

P.S. at least I'm wearing my Kiss Army pj's! hahahaha

Awesome! Okay, you're inspiring me. I'm recording one tonight!

These are great, I haven't been around here that long but it'd be great to have some more activity on this board.
And this kind of activity is the best so keep 'em coming.

Never get tired of seeing these!  I think they sounded great! 

I'm in the same boat, I'm inspired to usher my process along a bit to make some of these.  Gotta tear down the kit tonight for tomorrow's show, but once I set back up on Sunday, I think I'm gonna work on some stuff.


My only suggestion would be to turn the auto zoom feature off, when you move your arms the camera keeps adjusting to compensate for correct zooming, that makes for a constantly changing view, otherwise keep uploading you will only get better.  you can check out my old covers here:
As you can see there, I also make a lot of mistakes, I am just waiting to return from my next deployment and I will record some newer stuff. that should be sometime next year (2021)....

Hi Doggy, I totally get that autofocus suggestion and I'm going to fix that! Thanks! I had noticed it too, and sometimes my camera shakes because it's on this selfie tripod on a small table and I think the vibrations reach it as well. Great tip, will look into that for the next video I try.

And you have a ton to watch there! I had a quick listen to Creed, what an amazing cover! I've been wanting to fail, I mean try, to do Sacrafice or Higher.. someday.. I'm not much of a metal thrasher but I'd love to try!  :)

Thanks for the advice, inspiration, and I'll watch the rest of yours this weekend. Love the set by the way.. dang, now I want to find an old acoustic kit and convert it too! hahaha projects projects...


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