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Hi all. I've been having a great time downloading a variety of tracks from a website called Karaoke Version ( You can download the whole track as well as drumless (or any other instrument in the tune), complete with an intro click/click track, etc. Each track is $2.99, but you have unlimited downloads for each track so you can adjust the mix to your liking. Tons of fun and most of them sound pretty close to the original. It's a great way for folks to practice to their favorite songs or to just play around with a mix of genres and styles.

Has anyone ever heard of Fast Strings ( It's a site that claims to have 900 or so drumless tracks in a wide range of styles. I can't tell if the end result is worthwhile or not, and I can't verify their security insofar as giving them my payment information. I tend to think it's a legit site, as scamming drummers looking for play along tracks is a pretty narrow target (not like it's drum porn). I like some of the tracks that I see, but I can't tell if it's on the up and up. They seem to have options for stringed instruments as well.

I just tried the link.. When you click to download you can't. Seems you have to pay for premium account on Novafile, whatever that is.

Hi Dobly,
I tried to wade through their site before I found the Karaoke-Version page, and it made me uneasy. Not sure about the payment integrity. It's a bit hard to tell if the songs are true stems from original sources or are covers. Some are listed as covers, but others are just the name of the song and the artist. Seems like it might be shady. The sheer number of songs available make me think that licensing and copyright protocols aren't being followed. Now, some of the songs available on the site I use ( are kinda off, but they generally do a good job with a cover and it's fun to be able to drop out various instruments and play along. I usually download a full version of the song, then a drumless with a click intro. Now that I'm getting used to how AD2 integrates into Reaper, I might download a drumless with a separate click track and send the click to a monitor out, but not recorded. You only pay for a song once, and can download as many versions/remixes as you want for $2.99 US.

I've had good luck finding decent "drumless" tracks of famous pop and rock songs on YouTube. Some aren't great, some are ripped from a guitar hero clone but there are some great one with original vocals, no speed variance, etc. I've been trying to collect them in a dedicated YT playlist so I can play along at will.

Came across this just tonight, 5Gb download drumless tracks, mostly original artist recording but minus drums. not sure of the copyright stuff's free - hit the download button at top right - download without registering.

enjoy !


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