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--- Quote from: Dartanbeck on August 20, 2020, 07:13:24 PM ---The 'scroll right' button on the Sample Pad is getting faulty, however. So I may end up seeing if I can set the first kit the way I use it (User 004 on SD). I tried copying it to the first slot, but can only copy to User files (SD). That being a vital part of my kit right now has me a little nervous. If I can edit the first kit, fear will disappear - for now! LOL
Other thoughts - wondering if CRC Electric Cleaner would work, just blasting it on the edge of the button? Nervous to try that as well! :/

--- End quote ---

I would disassemble and see if the cursor arrow/button is just a membrane switch and use a little rubbing alcohol to clean the area.
The Sample Pad pro may just have the buttons laying on top of the membrane switch and only held in place by the cutout.
I have seen a lot of equipment/hardware this way.

I forgot to ask which version...I have seen 2.
One has the volume knobs for main/headphones on the left and the other has large knobs on each side.
attached pics

I added the links to Instrumentalparts for the Samplerack and Samplepad pro.Some parts are probably interchangeable.
They show the "Navigation" buttons are available separately so it's either a membrane switch or maybe tactile type.
There is a "Function" board listed for $16.00 USD
If you do disassemble take a pic and send to them (or Alesis) to identify part.

SamplePad Pro


Mine is the first one, the SPP1 image.
Thanks again for your incredible wisdom!!!


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