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My Alesis-Yamaha setup.


This is a picture of my e-practice setup using the Alesis DM10 module, 6 Yamaha TP65 Tom pads, 1 Yamaha TP120 Snare pad, 2 Yamaha PCY135 Crash Cymbals, 1 Yamaha PCY155 Ride Cymbal, 2 Pintech Crashes (14" and 16") and a Pintech Hi-Hat with Pintech Controller. I am using a Tama Double Bass Drum Pedal with a Yamaha KP65 and a Tama Hi-Hat. I am using the Simmons 200 watt E-Drum Amp and a Roc-N-Soc Throne. The TV/Monitor is connected to both my MacBook, Wii (for Rockband) and has a built in DVD to watch my drum videos.

How do you find the OCY cymbals with the DM10 module?


--- Quote from: towny36 on October 29, 2020, 06:18:39 PM ---How do you find the OCY cymbals with the DM10 module?

--- End quote ---

if you are asking about PCY cymbal compatibility..there is an old DM10 trigger compatibility chart.
It lists triggers from different manufacturers and if compatible..semi compatible etc and what settings to use.
Yamaha triggers for the most part are proprietary...


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