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My Alesis I/O powered kit!

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Hey all, nice to be here - there's been a distinct lack of Trigger I/O information on the net, so hopefully this lovely forum will attract plenty of attention and help the electronic drummer community to grow and prosper :).

Anyhoo, this is my kit:

It's just a cheap Stagg drum kit, consisting of a 22x16" kick, 14x5.5" snare, 8", 10", 12", 13" and 14" rack toms, and 14" and 16" floor toms. The high hats are Roland VH-12 hats, the ride is a Roland CY-15R (need to do the bell fix sometime), and the rest of the cymbals are Smartriggers (2x 16" Crash's, a 13" Crash, 14" China, 10" Splash, and a homemade (not by me) 8" Splash). There's also a spare Yamaha PCY-135 on the left.

All the drums use Hart Magnum single ply mesh heads, and Roland RT-10 triggers. None of the drums have bottom heads on them, and I took the lugs off most of them to use as spares, so they look like concert toms now. The kick is full of towels a few inches away from the head, and the snare has 3/8" clear plastic rim trim which keeps coming loose.

From the rear:

As you can see, the attic is rather cramped with all my stuff, so I have to climb across my bed to move around the room. When I wake up in the morning, i'm staring my kit straight in the face, so i'm always in a good mood ;D.

The brains behind the whole thing:

These 2 trigger I/O's share the work, and they run into my laptop which runs MIDI-OX to merge dual USB MIDI devices into a single channel (due to problems with Vista). This MIDI input is then selected in VSTHost which is running three instancies of ToonTrack's EZDrummer (Pop/Rock, Drumkit From Hell, and Twisted Kit - which is rather inefficiently used for only one cymbal). The soundcard is an M-Audio Firewire Solo, which is good enough to get the job done.

I haven't yet dared to run all the VSTs of EZDrummer in a host like Cubase to record the output - regardless, my drumming skills are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Welcome aboard BioBiro!

Your kit looks great. I love the double Trigger I/O's. I know more and more people have been asking if it is possible to use two Trigger I/O's, and you are proof positive it works.

I too am hoping more of you Trigger I/O guys out there will sign up and be active members of ;D ;D ;D

That is a great looking kit! Wow! Really good work. How do you find the RT-10 triggers with the IO? Any tweaks or anything unusual your had to do to get them working nicely? 


--- Quote from: audiopat on August 14, 2009, 06:07:12 AM ---That is a great looking kit! Wow! Really good work. How do you find the RT-10 triggers with the IO? Any tweaks or anything unusual your had to do to get them working nicely?

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the kind words. There's actually a ton of stuff i've been planning to add, but finances don't always permit :-[.

The RT-10s work really nicely with the Trigger I/O. I haven't changed the settings on them too much yet, as they work nicely by default, although I had to find a much stronger(?) velocity curve for the kick, as it was very quiet at first.

I'm curious about you having to bump up the curve on your kick trigger. I'm running BFD 1.5, and I have not got the response right... I like a linear response, but if I choose LIN as my curve I have to either boost the gain of the IO or the output of BFD, which reduces the dynamic range... i'm still trying to find the perfect solution... Tried running a compressor on the channel output in Live 7... Not bad. Anyway, got superior 2 on order to arrive next week sometime:) I'll be interested to see the response.   


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