Author Topic: Strike Bass drum tone dies on preset kits  (Read 407 times)

Strike Bass drum tone dies on preset kits
« on: November 11, 2022, 07:54:21 PM »
Tonight I've noticed that the tone of the bass drum on several of the preset kits on my Strike module dies out after only like 8-10 consecutive strikes.  so weird and annoying. all the other drums/cymbals keep their tones, and I can still hear the bass drum, its just much fainter.   Maybe I need to do a software reset, but will I loose all my custom kits?  no cause they're on the SD card right?

On a potentially similar note, I've always (since owning this strike modue (which I bought used off ebay)) been surprised, and honestly quite disappointed as to how quite the bass drum is on almost all of the preset kits.  Anyone else agree?  IDK if its purposefully really low because the Strike Amps are very heavy on the bass, so maybe it balances out?  but that just seems stupid and just conducive to problems instead of just making the bass drums in the module and amps at normal levels.