Author Topic: Alesis MKII Pro Drum Kit Module is Total Crap !  (Read 142 times)

Alesis MKII Pro Drum Kit Module is Total Crap !
« on: November 08, 2022, 11:39:10 PM »

I started with the Surge, and it was alot of fun. The modules kits sounded decent enough, and worked properly with the hardware. I had tons of fun with it. One of the kits even allowed me to play Toto's Africa as it emulated the African drum set/tones properly.

I decided to upgrade to the MKII PRO kit (and found out later that it's actually old) but was blown away by how bad the module is. The module's kits are horrible and don't even work with the set...the cymbals were inaudible, and the toms were not triggering properly at all, lets alone mapped correctly. I don't understand how Alesis could of released such a fucking mess. My research has told me that they don't release any firmware updates, so I'm stuck with their shit module.

I want to make it work, but I'm forced to bypass the MKII PRO module and go straight to MIDI and external software to make the set usable.

Does anyone have any similar experience, and was there any way to make the MKII PRO module viable ?