Author Topic: Trigger IO / TAMA MESH-Kit Setting Up  (Read 150 times)

Trigger IO / TAMA MESH-Kit Setting Up
« on: October 03, 2022, 09:13:33 AM »
I have DDrum Red Shot Triggers on the toms and a Roland RT-30K on the kick and a Roland RT-10S on the snare . The kick and snare work quite well, but not to the max .

On the toms I can't get fast / soft / hits to trigger
no matter how I tweak the module .

I'd also need a walkthrough in setting up my Ride-pad, a Roland CY13-R .
It's a dual trigger pad and I'd need to find out how to set up it's connections .

I also have two pieces of Triggera - crash pads ; they are working as they should .

I'm using SSD 5 and Pro Drummer 1 Spike Stent as VSTis .

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