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Hi there!
« on: April 06, 2021, 05:57:34 AM »
I just noticed that I never properly introduced myself. Maybe I should, so here goes....

My name is Peter. I am 63 years young and occupy myself as a wedding photographer. For what it’s worth, in this Corona time without any weddings and thus without income from wedding photography. In my country (Netherlands) fees are considerably less than in most other countries so it is almost impossible to earn a living from photography alone.

In order to have a somewhat regular life and force myself to have a ‘normal pattern’ of life, I took a part-time job as mini bus driver and I bring children to school in the morning and bring them back home in the afternoon. That counts for approx 3 hours work per day.

I am married. My wife is from Thailand and we are currently waiting for her residence permit so she can join me here after being separated for some 8 months now.

When she had to return to Thailand the last time I decided I needed to pick up something to fill unoccupied time and keep myself busy. I owned some cheap drum kit a few years ago, spent way too little time on it, and decided to take it up a bit more seriously.

So I purchased a used DM10 1st gen “real feel” kit and grabbed a few free lessons from the internet. I very much enjoyed it so I sold the DM10 and replaced it with a Crimson II SE. I am still very much a beginner, but I practice almost daily for 1 or 2 hours and I intend to grow deeper into drumming.

In the beginning I was quite disappointed about the kit, especially the hi-hat and the ride (bell) response. Meanwhile I am getting the hang of using the hi-hat (still not very good but it’s getting better) and I have improved the responsiveness considerably thanks to the help I have received on this community.

Meanwhile I added a 12” Strike Pro tom as snare and the original snare now acts as tom 4. I purchased the additional (downloadable) drum-kits from Drum-Tec last week (they are only €15, so don’t ask for a copy!) and I am having a ball with the new sounds. Great!

I found a new Pro X hi-hat in Thailand and my wife will bring it along when she comes to live here. So I have one more reason to be happy when she finally arrives. <grin>

Future expansions might be adding a splash and china cymbal (cheap stuff from Triggera) and maybe even swapping the cymbals for LV metal cymbals with triggers (Jobeky comes to mind). I don’t see me swapping the module for a Strike module but one never knows what the future brings (such as the jackpot in the lottery ;D ).

Lesson learned so far:

You really need to get used to your kit to get to know how to use it and how to set it up. Most importantly tweaking trigger settings and finding the right sounds from your drum kit.