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I know this post is from 2020 right at the beggining of the pandemic, being  now may 19 2021 full year + after, I wonder how some of you are doing.
My experience so far:

I was supposed to deploy in march 2020 to December 2020, that got postponed one month, then another then another, I ended up leaving in April 2020.. I had to to go Virginia to take a one week class.. when I arrived I was told I had to remain in isolation in my room for 2 weeks before attending the class... Ok I expected that... 2 weeks went by then I went to the class, mind you just to class and back to my cell..I mean my hotel room... then I was supposed to fly to the middle east to meet the ship, but I was told that I was going to fly with the current crew...(the ship has two crews one is in the middle east for 6 months the other in VA for 6 months and they swap). I asked when were they leaving.. I was told one more month... so my 3 weeks in my room turned into 7 weeks.. I had my computer and that kept my sanity, in order for me to feel productive I took (and completed) computer courses and math courses, beat 3 games and watched a lot  of  YouTube... Eventually the day to fly arrived, we flew to Germany then to Bahrain, (and for those who think covid was a hoax.. I can assure you that all the countries I went to took it very seriously and I can also assure you that no middle eastern country would play along if it wasn't real). Anyway, we arrived in Bahrain only to find out we had to be in isolation for 3 now I am at 10 weeks in isolation (as in you could not even leave your room). Eventually that time ended and I got to the ship... I completed my deployment and returned in Nov 2020, I had to spend 2 weeks at home (even though Dubai would not let me leave the country until I checked that I was covid free ( you get tested with that huge Qtip up your nose to scrape some brain cells) and you get a certificate a day later stating you don't have covid, then you have to show the airport guys or you won't fly and will get arrested.  (not sure if they are still doing that). I was considered essential so I never stopped going to work. One of the "perks" of that deployment is that it highlighted how many things people take for granted. It was even hard to wear a mask when you are sweating in the shade in an air conditioned space and truly can't breathe, compared to that, wearing a mask in the US is not uncomfortable at all. Having to stay at home "isolated" (with your family) is not the same as having to spend weeks isolated in a hotel alone (not saying I want any sympathy for that) just saying how many people don't appreciate what they have and think their lives are so hard :'(. I am not rich but compared to how I was 30 years ago when I had to work full time and entire week just to be able to buy a pair of jeans I say I am, now we all had to make some small sacrifices but to stay that life is unfair and that people are depressed... just compare your life with that of people that have to dig in the dumpster for for food (lots of people in the philiphines) or people who don't know if they are even going to have water to drink that day (war torn places) and then tell me your life sucks being in your house drinking a starbucks coffee while watching netflix getting unemployment and stimulus checks....