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Old(ish) Drumming Newbie
« on: January 06, 2022, 10:53:33 AM »
Just thought I'd say hello. 50+ year old newbie in the UK, who until a month ago had never picked up a drumstick. However, as a pretty decent air drummer, how hard could it be?  :o

I thought it was time to learn a new skill, so bought a Nitro mesh kit. Absolutely love it, and while I'll never be a gigging drummer I'm making up for my lack of talent with buckets of enthusiasm.

I have however had a few issues with the Nitro, mainly:

1. I'm 6ft tall and it seemed to low - solved with some plastic bed risers.

2. The whole kit doesn't stay straight upright, the weight of the toms seem to pull it forward. I've tried adjusting and tightening every bolt I can find, but it still leans. I'm expecting to find it collapsed on the floor one day. I know the risers probably don't help, but without them the snare is below my knees.

3. The hi hat pedal seems a bit hit and miss. Obviously I'm new to all this so it's probably me, but sometimes I lift off the pedal but don't get the splash sound when hitting the cymbal.

4. The kick drum pedal is very "bouncy" and I often get a second hit. Again, probably my technique but at the moment I'm burying the beater to prevent it which probably isn't right. I also needed to add extra velcro to the bottom of the pedal assembly as the original single strip not only failed to stop it moving slowly away from me, but also eventually came off.

All things considered though, I'm really pleased with my first kit. Looking forward to having a read through this forum and maybe making some mods once I get settled in.