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FAME Hybrid PRO Drum Module
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I have been meaning to post this since the module is now available separately..
The module initially came with the FAME Hybrid PRO E-Drum Set which came out earlier this year.
The FAME E-Kit series are Medeli Re-Brands..most will remind you of the DM10X.
The module is a Signature Series..Simon Phillips & Marco Minnemann Edition
The module alone is $570.00 USD + $50.00 USD shipping (5-15 day) to the USA.. so well under the price of a New Alesis STRIKE module ($800.00)
and the 2Box DrumIt 3 ($900.00)

If dkit and dsnd sound familiar...Think ..2Box.The FAME Hybrid PRO looks to be a Special Edition of DrumIt 3..(also made in Sweden).
I downloaded the Editor which is a Blue Edition and the OS update is for DrumIt v1.40 which isn't listed on the 2 Box site.
 v1.34.10 is the most current version for DrumIt 3.
The SDSE software will more than likely support this module..

If anyone is considering a New module and uncertain about the future of the STRIKE module and support is an nice alternative...
This module also supports Triple (3) Zone Cymbals..If you have STRIKE Cymbals you already have Triple (3) Zone Cymbals.
It looks like only single zone toms though (DrumIt 3 has 15 trigger inputs vs 12 for the FAME Hybrid PRO which includes splitters for the toms)
There is a physical Hi Hat Calibration and TRS to MIDI.
I don't know what "Ride Control" is other than a 2 jack Roland is mentioned...could be for 2 cable Ride support.

FAME Hybrid PRO sound module - Multifunctional Trigger interface with 4 GB memory

The FAME Hybrid PRO Sound Module is a professional e-drum trigger module in the exclusive Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann Edition, compatible with all manufacturers e.g. Roland, Yamaha, Fame, 2Box or Alesis..
There is a sensational 4 GB of flash memory available, which can be filled with sounds or WAV samples as desired.
From factory there are about 400 exclusive multi-layer sounds, consisting of 12,500 individual samples recorded especially for Music Store professional by Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann.
The open sound architecture allows quick sorting and creation of kits, sounds and own backing tracks with the help of a software editor.
In the FAME Hybrid PRO sound module there are 100 kit memory locations, 40 of which are already populated with our own sounds.
Each kit can be assigned a click or a song - perfect for live use. The four direct outs offer the opportunity to route pads, songs and click individually, plus the headphone output (stereo) can be routed as an additional direct output. The stereo line-in also turns the FAME Hybrid PRO module into an in-ear monitoring station. Additionally, connected pads can be assigned a function. With one hit you start/stop songs, loops or the metronome if needed.

Whether rubber pads or mesh heads, the trigger parameters can be individually adjusted for each pad concept.

Exclusive Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann multi-layer sounds in the FAME Hybrid Pro module

Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann are legendary drummers who are among the best in the world. Simon Phillips has influenced generations of drummers with his inimitable style at TOTO. Marco Minnemann is a renowned live and studio drummer. He has played for Paul Gilbert, The Buddy Rich Big Band, Udo Lindenberg and NENA, among others.
Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann recorded their drum sets in a Los Angeles recording studio and optimized them for the FAME Hybrid PRO module together with our development department.There are about 400 multi-layer sounds in the sound module, consisting of 12,500 individual samples.

For all styles, drums and cymbals were recorded with elaborate multi-miking and at different distances. At FAME, multi-layer means that each instrument is recorded at different volume levels. This means that not only the volume, but also the sound pattern and frequency change with different beat intensity. Some of the FAME sounds consist of up to 128 single layers. The result is an absolutely natural sound behavior and an excellent sound of the top class.

FAME Hybrid PRO Module

The FAME Hybrid PRO Sound Module:

    Simon Phillips & Marco Minnemann Edition
    Multi-layer signature sounds of the two star drummers
    Open sound architecture
    Software editor for PC/MAC
    4 GB flash memory
    12 trigger channels
    4 direct outs
    Headphone jack (stereo)
    Line In (stereo)
    Songplayer for backing tracks
    Multi-layer sample concept
    MIDI In/Out (TRS adapter)
    USB to Device
    Compatible with all manufacturers
    Assign functions to pads (Start/Stop/Pause/Tap)
    Made in Sweden

    Snare/Rim (stereo) -> Rim can be assigned separately
    Bass drum/Perc1 (stereo) -> split cable included in delivery
    Tom 1/2 (stereo) -> split cable included in delivery
    Tom 3/4 (stereo) -> split cable included in delivery
    Crash 1 -> 3 zones available
    Crash 2 -> 3 zones available
    Ride Trig -> 3 zones available
    Ride Ctrl -> for Roland pads with two jack plugs (2 cable Rides ?)
    HiHat Trig -> 2 zones available
    HiHat Ctrl -> for HiHat Controller
    Line In (stereo) -> Mono if required
    Midi In -> TRS adapter included

    Out 1 (mono) -> direct output
    Out 2 (mono) -> direct output
    Out 3 (mono) -> direct output
    Out 4 (mono) -> direct output
    Phones (stereo) -> headphone output
    Midi Out -> TRS adapter included

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