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Samples 101
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:16:24 PM »
Hello - new guy here and new to edrums.  (7 wks.)
In fact, a novice to drumming in general, although a hundred yrs. ago I had a 'trap' set.

Bought the Surge Mesh Kit and upgraded to a 10" floor tom and the Command module.
The sounds are much improved over the Surge (surprisingly so), but, started reading up
on samples from drumeo and figured if I was gonna buy the command module, might as well explore the ability to load samples feature.

My question is, at the most basic level, can I just download samples (such as the free samples from drumeo) to a PC, load on to a USB drive and then
upload to the voices on my Command module to use alongside the stock sounds?   

(and yes - it is nice to be on a site devoid of Alesis-bashing ...)