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Yet Another Old Fat Guy Newb
« on: March 28, 2021, 09:27:09 AM »
Seems to be a trend as of late?  Anyway... I sat behind my very first drum kit (E-Drum or otherwise) on January 20th, 2021.  I've always been a "guitar" guy... even playing (really badly) for over 30 years.  I picked up an Alesis Nitro Mesh kit on a whim.  The Doc told me I needed to lose some weight.  I was already walking a couple miles a day... so I thought... why not give drumming a chance?  With the idea being I would pick up a $300-$400 acoustic kit from Craigslist... I mentioned the plan on one of the forums I frequent (I also restore old arcade machines for fun)...and it was suggested to me that an E-Drum kit might be a good fit.  After doing a little research I decided on the Nitro Mesh kit.  I figured it was cheap enough that if I didn't much care for drumming... it wasn't a big loss.

January 19th it arrived.  It was assembled January 20th.  I was hooked by January 21st.  HOOKED. 

I've probably practiced maybe an average of 30 minutes a day as that is all I have time for... but it's FREAKIN' A BLAST!  I lose time... I'll drop in and figure I had been playing 10-15 minutes and I look over and the recording is at 30 minutes.  It's crazy.

I'm so hooked I've already upgraded this Nitro kit.  I added a 10" snare from the Surge kit... I then moved the 8" dual-zone snare to Tom 2 position and moved Tom 2 to Tom 4 position.  I THOUGHT I was going to be able to rig up this 3-zone 14" ride cymbal I bought (for a good price)... but alas... it's stuck being a single zone cymbal with this kit.

I wanted a bell... so I made a bell pad.

I'm likely going to be making a wood block pad shortly (already tested one out... just want to make something nice looking)

I am almost complete with my 4" 'ride bell' mod that I am going to stack on top of the ride cymbal to get that bell pad I wanted!.

Yeah.  Hooked.

I also think I'm actually sort of OK at this.  Now,  keep in mind,  this is 62 days... my timing is far from perfect... but I think I may one day make a decent drummer?!  Even if I don't... IT DOESN'T MATTER... i'm having a blast playing regardless!


Anyway... here is my first "video" of my drumming I did a few days back.  My video camera sucks... I need to improve my camera rigging to show the whole kit... but hey,  at least I was able to mix in the direct feed from the Nitro.  :)

Thanks for watching... and I am guessing we're going to get to know each other.   When I jump in to a hobby that I enjoy,  I tend to do so with both feet (see my arcade blog - - if you have any interest).

BTW... here we are at March 28th...some 70 days later... and I am already considering an upgrade to the Crimson II kit...


Re: Yet Another Old Fat Guy Newb
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Oh,  and as an aside... I had my Docs appointment March 22nd... I lost 17lbs in the last 3 months since the last appointment.  :)  Some of that was drumming sweat.  I guarantee it!!