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How to Pack Alesis Kick Drum


Hello!  I'm new to the forum and E-drums, but definitely not new to drumming.  I recently acquired my first E-kit, Alesis Command X Mesh.  I bought two Gator bags (GP-EKIT3616-BW) to pack the drums for travel.  One bag will hold the drums, cymbals, and module while the other bag is for the hardware.  The only wild card is the bass drum.  See the attached image.  Due to its size, I intended to put it in the second bag with the hardware.  But I have a feeling the hardware is going to flop around too much and eventually damage the bass drum.  I'm looking for any creative ideas that folks have come up with to pack the bass drum.  I can build a little barrier/compartment out of wood, but I'm looking for any other ideas before I go down that road.

You'd definitely want to pack it all in with towels of foam somehow. Maybe you can buy a couple of those large pieces of foam that you can cut/pull out bits to create an outline that the kick sits in to keep it from rolling over into the other gear.

I was in Home Depot yesterday and found some "tool bags" of various sizes that are pretty rugged and durable.  I'm pretty sure I can wrap the bass drum in one of those and lay it in my Gator bag for protection.  I'll post some pictures once I get it situated.


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