Author Topic: Alesis SR18 Pattern Listing - Sorted by Genre/Category  (Read 136 times)

Alesis SR18 Pattern Listing - Sorted by Genre/Category
« on: March 18, 2024, 04:01:08 PM »
Not sure if someone has already done something like this here (I'm new to the forum) but I created an Alesis SR18 Pattern Listing in Genre order (in non-alphabetical order). I use it in addition to the original listing that has all the patterns in Preset#/User# order. I originally just wanted all the "Rock 1" thru "Rock 58" patterns to be listed in order so I could hear each - one at a time - to find the one that I wanted/needed - and then it morphed into redoing the whole list. Hopefully someone else finds it useful.
FYI - I corrected the Pattern numbers for the third column (from World 1 thru Polka) on 3/27/24 and reattached the corrected version - sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
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