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Questions for Strike Pro SE owners about transporting the kit
« on: February 08, 2024, 08:40:04 PM »
I have a Strike Pro SE kit on order.  I expect to do some gigging with this kit and have been investigating how to transport the kit.

I would appreciate feedback/suggestions from Strike Pro SE owners who have found ways to transport their kits.

These are the cases/bags that I have been considering:

The Gator Large Electronic Drum Kit Bag (GP-EKIT3616-BW) looks like a great solution for the Strike Pro.  From what I have read, it can handle all 5 pads, the 4 cymbals and have space for cables.  It will be a bit heavy when fully loaded, but it does have wheels.

I have ordered a DW double bass drum pedal for my Strike Pro SE kit.  Gibraltar makes a double bass pedal case.  I have read reviews that say it great for DW double pedals.

The Strike Pro SE bass drum is listed as 14 x 20.  Given that it does not have T handle tensioners, I suspect it is shallow compared to an acoustic 14 x 20 drum.  I am wondering if a 12 x 20 padded bag would be a good fit.  I have seen a video of the Strike Pro SE bass drum in a Humes & Berg 14 x 20 padded bag.  There is a LOT of empty space.

There are many hardware bags/cases that I would think could handle the rack bars, cymbal holders, snare stand and hi-hat stand.  Given that the rack bars are black, I think they will need to be wrapped in something like towels to keep them from getting badly scratched.

I have a bit of bad back and use a drum throne with a backrest.  The stand for the drum throne should fit in the hardware bag, but I'm not sure how to transport the seat and backrest.  With my acoustic kit, I use a trap case and can put the seat and backrest in it.

Now for the expensive component....the module.  I have see a video where a guy bought a hardshell case from Harbor Freight (Apache 4800) in which the foam can be configured to securely store the module.  And, the case is very reasonably priced....I think $59.  SKB has a case for the module, but it is over $200.

I also plan to buy several memory locks for the rack so I can set it up quickly with the crossbars at the correct height.

Re: Questions for Strike Pro SE owners about transporting the kit
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I had been looking into the same thing, when I was going for the first gig in a long time last year.
This video helped a lot:

I now use:
Gewa 20"x14" for bassdrum and drumseat
Millenium 14"x14" tombag (for the full kit I use 2)
Millenium 12"x12" (I think)
Millenium 10"x10" tombag
Millenium Touring Trolley
I transport the rack in one peace, folded and tied together with tiewraps.

I use my good old Pearl Eliminator double pedals and they're still in their own case ;-)

For my modules I use the drum-tec universal E-Drum case - large.

The photo shows the kit packed, except for the hardware trolley. (love those wheels!!!)

Hope this helps a bit!

Alesis Strike Pro SE, 2x expansion (tom/2 cymbals), 2nd Strike Module, Alesis Strike Multipad, Behringer eurorack 1804x, Antd Redfire 10