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Strike Pro SE Hi Hat Controller with External Samplers


It's my first post here so hello everyone. I'm using Strike Pro SE as my studio MIDI kit and I'd like to know if there is a more efficient way to use hi hat controller. The problem I have is that pedal CC4 resolution is limited only to certain range. There are several curves available to choose from in the module but they all seem to shift useful the range up and down the scale yet none of them can cover everything from o to 127 which often results in either articulations I can't use or just subpar, unnatural live performance. I currently use linear profile which seems to cover the widest range but is still lacking at the extremes (picture attached). I'm not aware of any plugins apart from Superior Drummer 3 that allow to set up specific CC4 ranges per articulation. Usually, there's just no settings other that 'Use CC4'. Is there any sort of workaround that allows to precisely control the whole range? Or maybe I'm missing something? Best, Dan


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