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Recently my 2014 SR18 stopped working. It was a sad day. All I know is I had it plugged to a 12v adapter, it was left on running at the desk for a few days. I unplugged it and put it in a bag because I was taking it to a studio gig. When I got there my beloved was non functional. RIP. Lighting up still but nothing on the screen. A vegetable. The only other clue might have been that the AA batteries were discharged (dead). So, maybe a low power condition cause a weird boot or possibly a static charge hit it. I can't really say. It fails the RAM test (Hold Play button, while powering up).
   I've tried booting into system mode and reloading the firmware with no success. I chatted with InMusic's support who advised me to send it to a service centre. The nearest centre is 2000 miles away and knowing what I know about services centres and what the costs might be in a situation like this I've opted to decommission this beautiful piece of gear. It was off warranty for quite some time. It didn't owe me much, I'm still sad though.
I'm decommissioning BUT! But not before doing a teardown to have a look on the inside to add to the general information on this device. InMusic was not forthcoming at all with advice or documentation BTW.
Shoutout to user Barrington who posted key info that very few know about.

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Re: Alesis SR18 Drum Machine Post-Mortem Teardown Photos DSP RAM EEPROM
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Sorry to hear your SR18 died on you. However, thanks for the great pics of the teardown!
Maybe you could find a used one on eBay to replace it.