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DM10 module broken
« on: December 05, 2023, 01:19:27 AM »
I have dm10x mesh kit with dm10 drum module. About a week ago me noticed electric burn smell in our home. I noticed that it was my drum kit.
After a small heart attack this incident created I was ready to check my drum kit and the damage. As you can see in the pictures there is some burn damage. Is this drum module salvageable or do I need to buy a new one?

Do you have a guess what caused this burn damage? Transformer perhaps?

If you think that this module can be saved, could someone please tell me what parts I need to fix it.

Thank you.

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Re: DM10 module broken
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I am not an electrician, but that board seems toasted on the plug connections. I'd suggest you reach out to Alesis Support for that one.
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Re: DM10 module broken
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already did that couple of days ago. I created a ticket to alesis support system but they haven't replied yet.. so waiting I am...  :)

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Re: DM10 module broken
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The original DM10 Module reached EOL and was discontinued nearly 10 years ago.
I doubt you'll get much in the way of a positive response.

Instrumentalparts still has some module components including PCB Boards , but the replacements cost (200-$300 range) are often around the same (or exceed) if you purchase a complete module off ebay etc.
The longer an item has been discontinued... the fewer parts become... and the prices continue going higher.
There are no images for some of the PCB Boards (other than the top/Fader) so look for a part number that matches or contact.
Otherwise if you are set on having the DM10 module , get a used replacement and keep the other as backup/parts.

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Re: DM10 module broken
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2023, 09:44:51 AM »
Thanks for the repllies. I'd really like to fix this module since I have some skills with soldering iron. If anyone knows what parts to replace (values, codes) I'd really like to get this info.

Re: DM10 module broken
« Reply #5 on: December 13, 2023, 02:59:30 PM »
Clean it with IPA, first. Then assess the damage, again. Might well be salvageable, but that?ll require some electronics skills.