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Hello fellow drummers!
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Have been playing for 40 years and played in a hair metal cover band in the mid-80s.  Also big KISS fan (as evident by my user name & avatar)

Haven't had a kit in a while and was recently gifted the Nitro Mesh SE kit, with one expansion pack.  Since I was given the set, am now able to upgrade it a bit.  Bought the 8" Mesh kick, Pearl Double Pedal and a tri-zone ride.  I happened upon a gentleman on YouTube who has all kinds of great videos on his Nitro Mesh kit and has expanded it WAY beyond the one expansion back (has 5 toms and 5 cymbals, plus HH, snare & kick).  I am interested in doing the same, but the brain that came with this kit is a little wonky.  Looking at the options, I like the Strike module, but have questions.  I have been searching through all of your wonderfully informative posts and found some of the answers I am looking for.  I have a few more questions. One question answered - I would also need to upgrade the brain anyway to run the tri-zone ride.

My other questions are these:
- Will the Nitro Mesh toms and cymbals work with the Strike module?
- Does the Strike module allow separate rim and pad programming?
- How many triggers total are available on the Strike module, so potentially, what combination of toms/cymbals are possible?  (not counting HH, kick and ride.)
- The snare is dual triggered, and if you don't want the rim shot, you can split off the rim to a cymbal?
- The HH pedal for the Nitro Mesh has a 1/8" female connector,  but the Strike uses 1/4" - I assume I can simply use an adapter to go from 1/4" to 1/8"?

I think that covers it for now - appreciate any and all help!
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