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Homemade Triggers
« on: April 05, 2022, 08:10:46 PM »
These are the triggers I made to utilize the extra tom and cymbal inputs on my Command Mesh Kit.

I used prewired pressure sensitive 1.250" triggers that I ordered off of Amazon. A five pack was like 10 bucks CAD. I also ordered a ten pack of dual pole inputs for about the same price.

The base is made from 1\8" steel and the shells are made out of 4" muffler tube. I used a standard 1.5" rack mount. The inside is made with a 2" car wash sponge with the lowest density I could find. I epoxied the trigger to an aluminum disk cut just small enough to NOT touch the sides of the shells. The skin is made from a high density foam mouse pad, and everything is spray glued together, which keeps it together but also allows easy tear down if I have to replace a component.

They work really well so far, small enough to fit anywhere on the kit but big enough to not miss strokes. I mainly use them to trigger song starts or sound effect samples. The pressure sensitive triggers come in handy when I do want to use them for a temporary drum or cymbal. I have had no issues with crosstalk, but did have to set the volume setting in the module a little higher than normal, assuming the unknown quality of the triggers may be the reason for this.

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Sorry, but this is ugly as hell.

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Great idea. Love to see people make their own mods. I just wish there was something I could watch to understand how to do it.

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There are a lot of edrum mods uploaded to youtube
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I was wondering is it possible to couple a microphone to a jack from a loom and then use the mic as an audio trigger ?

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It can be done, but it is a pain and less effective than a piezo....

Years ago, I ran sound for a band and I triggered the drummers kick drum thru the insert on the boards kick mic channel. I ran it thru a gate and then into an original Yamaha DTX.