Author Topic: Anatomy of a Piezo?  (Read 1385 times)

Anatomy of a Piezo?
« on: October 28, 2020, 11:55:38 AM »
How are these made exactly?
Is it two metal plates separated by some paper tape?
I have re soldered so many times I am afraid mine is ruined.  I have ordered new ones, but that might take ten days.... Can I repair?

I was trying to get all the old solder off and tried air, it just blew all over.

I swapped out a tom piezo and plate with the bass until I get a new piezo, so I have this mess in themeantime sitting on the floor
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Re: Anatomy of a Piezo?
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Almost looks like an underwater pic! Ouch, I haven't looked at a piezo on the old steel plate setup in a long time, but it doesn't look good.. sorry
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Re: Anatomy of a Piezo?
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2020, 07:24:29 AM »
Don't use hot air, just a solder iron instead ...
The wires are very thick and heavy that's why they break from vibrations...which model you have?
When the new piezo arrives , use the thin wires and solder them to the fat ones , try applying glue to the presoldered points on the piezo for extra protection  ;)
Some extra tape (like on the black one) will also help  :)

Re: Anatomy of a Piezo?
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2020, 11:10:33 AM »
thanks. i think my soldering is fine, but after 10 times there just gets to be a lot of solder that is hard to get rid of, and an air compressor will not blow it off either.  lol.

I guess I will take this one apart and see how it is made since have yet ti find this part out.  I have new ones coming but might still be a week out as they have not even mailed it yet...

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Re: Anatomy of a Piezo?
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The thicker the wire ,the easier it will detach .Thinner wire = less vibrations
 Use the wires that will come with your piezo ,glue the wires on the piezo  and apply tape.

For removing solder search on ebay:

"Vacuum De-solder Gun Desoldering Pump Solder Sucker Removal Remover"
They cost less than 2$ :)

Also when soldering with iron you must use soldering paste which is cheap as well . Otherwise the temperature gets high and might damage the piezo

PS. Those are friendly advises  and not criticism :)