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Hi all,
I have not been active on this forum but have been scrolling through all the topics to see if i could find this solution being used already. But have not found it yet. Therefore opening a new topic.
Was wondering if anyone has replaced his alesis heads (older model) to mesh by using Mesh silend drumheads like the ones that can be ordered on Aliexpress link below.
I have been checking instructions on how to place the 682drums conversion kit and it seems that most of it can be made DIY (cone and foam parts and such) Just wondering if anyone already did this using these mesh silent drum heads or anything similar. Or is it not worth the hassle?,scm-url:1007.14976.158757.0,pvid:00839579-aaf1-4c1d-beef-f52d6b2bbbd7,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2313_668%23808%234094%23102_668%23888%233325%239_4976%230%23158757%230_4976%232711%237538%23305_668%232846%238115%23843_668%232717%237559%2378

Re: DM10 Studio (2011) Mesh conversion DIY with Mesh silent drumheads?
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Actually I will retract the question in this form while I think the meshes will be of bad quality and not compatible for replacing the current heads. So I will better just go with one of the available conversion kits which will not be that much more expensive in the end. Any other cheaper suggestions welcome of course. Making the meshes completely myself like I have seen in other posts would maybe be the better option but a little bridge to far for me.

Re: DM10 Studio (2011) Mesh conversion DIY with Mesh silent drumheads?
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I bought one of those Aliexpress mesh heads to replace a torn one. Not for an Alesis kit though so I don't know if the sizes actually fit properly, but I bought an 8" one and it fit mine fine (converted acoustic tom). It works ok, but the problem I find with it is that it's very loud. It was so cheap (I paid about €4 postage included) that I thought I'd give it a go, but I much prefer my DIY mesh heads using silkscreen mesh. I don't know about durability either because I don't use the tom I put it on, but it seemed sturdy enough.

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Re: DM10 Studio (2011) Mesh conversion DIY with Mesh silent drumheads?
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Hi yourisk, there's been a ton of discussion in these forums on mesh conversions, not sure why you couldn't find them (maybe you used the Google search instead of the Search option in the menu, which looks at this site and not the internet in general). In any case, I've ordered a lot from 682drums, their conversions are decent, affordable and easy.. don't "love" the mesh they use, have switched to Roland v brand and they're great but much more expensive.. many here have made their own multi ply mesh with screening etc.. no matter what anyone uses, if your heads are the old mylar, then anything will be an improvement!  :)
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Re: DM10 Studio (2011) Mesh conversion DIY with Mesh silent drumheads?
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Aw if it is still loud than it might not be a good idea for me indeed to replace the original 'non mesh' ones. Sound is after the feeling and playability the biggest argument for me.
@Alank yes you are right. Did later found out that Hellfire is a not a brand but a given method to do a complete DIY. I think I will just save money for the 682 for now indeed. I will live in Europe so postal cost is really cheap anyway.  Just Was curious if the aliexpress ones would be be a good option. I might just order one to give it a go but I like the idea of a complete conversión kit with not to much adjustment needed to be made by myself. And actually 122 euros is not a bad price for such a big improvement from what I have read. I have amor not even close to being a pro so I probably will already get a ton of joy extra from that investment. I just am reading so much more improvements on this forum that I might want to after that like the hihat upgrade. I am afraid my time reading on this forum is going to be pretty expensive 😂 But I never had a hobby that gave me more joy than drumming. Thanks all! Also for Being gentle to a Newby like me by taking the time to responder even though some info could already be found.