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DM10 Module Extension Arm
« on: March 28, 2020, 03:51:35 PM »
I've had a love hate relationship with my DM10 module since upgrading the hihat always seems to be in the way and screwed up the last head phone plug the other night. so I came up with this, totally out of the way and easy to see. I haven't finish rerouting all the cables yet but seems to be cleaning up the spider web of cables routing from this spot. this is my first attempt at doing a 3d design, actually turned out better then I thought it would on first print. I have plans to make a few changes, like some kind of a pinch lock to lock the module from turning. I will say if you print this do the test print first. I've given all the coding for both the test and part, along with comments on how the make changes to it. anyways let me know what you think or ideals on thingiverse. oh hit the made it button.

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Re: DM10 Module Extension Arm
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Looks amazing! While my set is in a corner and close to the wall I have been struggling with positioning the module to and the headphones cable is annoying me to. Now I just need to find some 3d print company here which I am afraid are not easy to find here in malaga Spain. But thanks a lot. I could not think of a better position! These meshes are the best choice to go for price wise to I guess aren't they?

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Re: DM10 Module Extension Arm
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Hey yourisk, my younger brother lived in Malaga for a year, joined a bicycling team.. loved the place!

Debra, looks cool.. does it end up costing a lot? Asking because I wanted to add a mini cordless keyboard onto my kit and happened to have two spare small accessory clamps from cowbells etc and I had bought a spare module mount, so I rigged it all up off one of the posts and it's bendable into any area that makes it out of the way but easy to reach.. I posted something about it somewhere.. used a bit of gel pad on the mount surface to keep the keyboard thing from falling off.. but point was the mount stump (? LOL) fit snuggly into the clamp and wasn't too difficult to set up.. I do like the look of yours though.. we have a 3D printer at work and some of our staff have been allowed to test print things (or we can pay if it's a larger project). I'd be tempted to try something, then I can reuse the other clamps elsewhere on my acoustic set.. if we ever go back to work hahaha

In the pics attached there's a silver one and a black one, mated together, then the module mount..
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Re: DM10 Module Extension Arm
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After I do a re-design of the module mount hole. I've thought about offering them for sale to people without access to a 3D printer. just enough to cover costs. as is it takes 5 1/2 hours to print and uses about 55g of filament. avg printer time is 5.00 US per hour and another buck or so for the filament. I wouldn't charge that much so long as I can use whatever filament color I have on hand. so 15 to 20 US plus S/H. if you do get them to print this up for you, have them print 10 or so of my 1.5" cable keepers. follow the link above and then to my profile/my design.

I love these mesh heads compared to original heads. I paid the extra 10 for the 3 layer heads. but really there nothing special about 682Drum kit, there are cheaper mesh heads out there and if I had shopped around a little I would have gone a different route.
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