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16" acoustic bass drum conversion
« on: July 27, 2019, 03:06:49 AM »
Been a while since my last DIY project.

I came into possession of this small kids kit when my son spotted it in someone's junk on the footpath ready for council cleanup.

Here is in among my 'to do' projects.

That bass drum is 16". Has bass drum hoops and 6 lugs!! Most kids kits have 4.

First task was pull off all the hardware. I was impressed by the little black plastic holders on each lug. They hold the lug in position even without screws. These lugs will clean up nicely. No rust. They just need a clean.

Even the bearing edges are in good condition.

I got to ripping off the wrap. I have ordered wrap to match my kit.  This gives me a good opportunity to do this job right. As you'll see below.

The wrap has a 'PERCUSSION' sticker on it. I'll try to save that and add it do the final product as a nod to the kit it came off. Don't like my chances.

Quite a nice little shell once I got the wrap off.

Next I cut 2 bits of this angle stuff to the right size to fit inside the shell.

In the middle of one of them I cut...

Then using pliers and a file I removed that section and filed it flat. (This show was before I filed it)

Then lay it all out for a look..

That's all for now. Next task is to bolt that metal disk to the cross frames. That will make the entire frame very solid. Then, I need to bolt L brackets to the end of each bit to bolt it to the shell.

The advantage I have with this is that I am changing the wrap anyway. So, I can bolt this to any place on the shell. And just use countersunk screws on the outside so they are flush with the shell for wrapping. If are not changing our wrap, this method will works. The L brackets I am going to add can be bolted to a lug.. You may want to be careful but. I can make this one simple X shape. Had I used the lug screw method this frame would have to be a different shape to match the position of the 6 lugs.

More on this project as it unfolds. I have a bass drum riser and legs on order. I have contacted the mob I got my drum wrap from before but they have not responded yet. Could be a few weeks before this is finished.

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Re: 16" acoustic bass drum conversion
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Update on this. Everything is on order. Gibraltar bits from my local music shop (l like to support local business) and THE matching drum wrap from the USA (or where ever it come from).

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Re: 16" acoustic bass drum conversion
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Re: 16" acoustic bass drum conversion
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oh MAN what a beautiful outcome!! Gorgeous!
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Re: 16" acoustic bass drum conversion
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Wow, that is a gorgeous kit.
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Re: 16" acoustic bass drum conversion
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Thanks all. It sure has come a long way from its DM10x beginnings.

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Re: 16" acoustic bass drum conversion
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So cool! I love it!!!

For anyone new here, he also made the multipad in that image, as well as did the conversions on the rest of the pads. Very, VERY cool!!!
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