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XM drums?


Marc Bergmueller:
This kit is very close to what I'm about to build, but I will use Addictive Drums on a laptop.
Too expensive with that module I think.
I'm a big guy and look like a clown on a kiddy trike behind my TD12.  I'm thinking 24"x6"Bass,2-10"x6", 3-12"x6".  Maybe the 10"s will look lost. I don't know.  Need someone good at photoshop.
Any thoughts on that kit or mine?

They look good (XM drums). I have seen them on eBay quite a bit. The problem I would have buying them is the shipping cost would be way to high. Cutting Toms in half is quite common. I Think your set-up idea sound good to me.

In Germany they sell it at about 950 Euro, but for this Kind of E-Drum you can have a look here:



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